Commissioners Meet With Attorneys To Discuss County Home

by Kim Tewalt on May 24, 2012 at 6:55 am

It’s been a little over a week since the Muskingum County Commissioners announced the closing of the Muskingum County Home. Thursday the Commissioners met with lawyers to make sure the proper procedures are in place.

Attorney Martha Sweterlitsch says one of the biggest concerns is making sure all of the residents have a place to go once the home closes. She says while many residents may already be Medicaid or Medicare approved, they may not yet qualify for long term care.

"There are going to be some circumstances where the residents’ resources are going to have to be sold to continue to pay for their care…" explained Sweterlitsch "…and that’s what happens to most people in this state who haven’t had the advantage of having a county home or county support."

Sweterlitsch says residents need to talk to staff and ask questions to find out where they are in the Medicaid and Medicare process. Commissioner Steve Strauss says interviews have been set up through Job and Family Services for all the residents, free of charge.

"They have a process that will help sort out what is necessary to be qualified for Medicaid and Medicare, and to move to other facilities." explained Strauss "We’re making that available, and anything else we can help with to help out with their decisions."

Strauss wants to remind the public that the Commissioners explored every available avenue before deciding to close the home. He also says it was a very difficult decision for all of the Commissioners. The County Home will remain open thought July 31st.