Drug Bust in Downtown Zanesville

by Jennifer Bullock on May 11, 2012 at 7:49 am

One man was arrested following a drug bust Wednesday in downtown Zanesville.

It happened at 19 South 6th Street. Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz said Justin Batross was taken into custody. Lutz said batross violated his probation and also had an arrest warrant in Columbus for a felony theft, as well as an outstanding warrant in Georgia.

"We definitely wanted to get this guy off the street. He was arrested on the search warrant, on the arrest warrant today. And then for the outstanding warrants. And once we follow through with the drug investigation, we’ll present it to Mr. Haddox at the prosecutor’s office to see about drug charges."

Lutz said the 6th Street apartment is one of a number of locations on their investigation list.

"We’ve been watching it for quite a while. A lot of drug traffic going in and out of here. There’s been some fire arms seen at this location. We got information back that even a fire arm was fired off here."

Sheriff Lutz said his deputies recovered a rifle, heroin, needles and U.S. currency in the apartment. A female was also taken into custody. Her name is not being released, and there are no current charges against her.