Educating Schools on Cardiac Arrest

by Kelly Choate on May 22, 2012 at 10:17 am

Sudden cardiac arrest takes about 300,000 lives every year, but Genesis is trying to lower that statistic.

The healthcare system is donating 18 automated external defibrillators to 15 area school districts.  Chest Pain and Heart Failure Coordinator Cathy Huggins said cardiac arrest can strike anyone without warning.

"A colleague from Columbus had a nine-year-old child who went into sudden cardiac arrest in a pool," said Huggins.  "They were lucky enough to have bystanders who knew CPR.  There was an AED available, so they were able to successfully resuscitate her."

Maysville is one of the school districts participating in the program.  Athletic Trainer Joe Johnson said 170 students have been CPR certified.

"With the AEDs, the goal is to have two in every building that can be accessed in two to three minutes if needed," said Johnson.  "We hope that we never have to use them, but we will have them available in case we do need them."

Johnson said he already takes a portable AED with him to school athletic events.