Elements Art Studio Featured in Art Walk

by Jennifer Bullock on May 30, 2012 at 6:28 am

Two local artists have made their passion for the outdoors a part of their every day lives…

Cheryl Randles and Teresa Huffman Caw share Elements Art Studio, and are this month’s featured artists in the First Friday Art Walk. Randles said she makes functional art from natural materials.

"I grew up in Athens and… I was always in the woods and having tree houses and all kinds of stuff like that. So, yea, I’ve been a "nature" person all my life. So, I just like to work with those kind of materials," said Randles.

Caw also uses nature as an inspiration, but her most recent passion is stained glass art. The multi-media artist said it challenges her, like her current creations of 3-D stained glass art work.

"I design all my own work. I like to do anything that I can work pieces of the past, vintage pieces, and elements from nature into my work and that’s a real challenge," said Caw.

The studio is located at The Freight Shops on Third and Market Streets. The Art Walk will take place in downtown Zanesville this Friday between 5 and 8 pm.