Flint Ridge Park Hosts Knap-in

by WHIZ Reporter on May 26, 2012 at 11:57 am

Hundreds came out to Glenford’s Flint Ridge Park this weekend to look at artifacts from year’s past.

The annual Spring Knap-in is where people can see the original flint pits that were dug by the Hopewell Indians over 2,000 years ago.

Artisans were on-hand making tools, spears and arrowheads using the same techniques.

Vice Chair Ed Moreland said Flint Ridge Park is not only educational for kids but a great place to spend a lazy summer day.

"It’s a nice beautiful place to come out and see. It’s a nature preserve, there’s a lot of paths and hiking that can be done here, a lot of picnics and things like that."

Over a dozen vendors were present at this weekend’s Knap-in.

Moreland said it’s important keep the tradition alive so future generations can understand the past.

"For many years it was lost. At seven years old I found my first arrowhead and I had no clue how the Indians had made it, but I knew that it was for their survival for hunting, to bring down game."

The venue also played host to a wedding ceremony and reception.