Health Department Predicts High Mosquito Population

by WHIZ Reporter on May 24, 2012 at 6:54 am

Experts are predicting a bad season for outdoor bugs.

Mosquitoes in particular are expected to cause the most problems.

The flying insects can carry the west nile virus.

Matt Hemmer from the Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department is preparing for the busy season and said the mild winter is to blame for the spike in those pesky bugs.

"Because mosquitoes and other insects thrive in warm weather– mosquitoes specifically, also in standing water, because of the mild winter we had this year, the concern is that that’s going to come back and bite us for mosquito season," said Hemmer.

Hemmer recommends using mosquito repellant when outdoors, and wearing long sleeves and pants when outside during peak biting times, which can be anywhere from dusk to dawn.

You can also mosquito-proof your home by draining any standing water, where mosquitoes can grow their eggs, and by repairing damaged window and door screens.

Hemmer said in the next couple of weeks the city will begin spraying for mosquitoes within the city limits, using the two most common methods.

"Those methods include treating standing water, and also spraying with an altra-low-volume sprayer that’s mounted in the back of the truck, will be used for evening time spraying," added Hemmer.

The health department has also set up a hotline to request for spraying in your neighborhood.

You can call (740) 454-9741, ext. 300, or visit the Health Department’s website at