Mandel Believes in Small Businesses

by Erika Brooks on May 16, 2012 at 8:25 am

Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel took a tour of Black Run Transmission in Nashport Tuesday. The visit from the U.S. Senate candidate was a part of his Jobs Tour across the Buckeye state.

Mandel is visiting small businesses to speak with blue-collar workers about his plans in Washington.

"We’ve got to get the politicians in Washington, both the Democrats and the Republicans out of the way in order to have a better environment for job creation here in Eastern Ohio and throughout the state, " said Mandel.

Mandel has been traveling through the area the past few days with a focus on creating and keeping jobs.

"I think here in the state of Ohio and throughout the country we can have good strong high paying jobs, blue-collar jobs, where middle class families can put food on the table"

He wants that focus to apply in all areas of government.

"We believe leaders at the local level, county level, state level and federal level should be focused on how to put people back to work, not just in any job but in good high-paying jobs."

Mandel will finish his jobs tour today with a visit to Guernsey County.  He faces incumbent U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown in the November general election.