Mayor Tilton Works Toward Demolition of Vacant Homes

by Erika Brooks on May 31, 2012 at 8:46 am

Mayor Jeff Tilton met with Muskingum County Commissioners Thursday May 31st to discuss an application that must be filled out by June 30th to get the $445,000 that will be used to tear down vacant and abandoned homes.

The money is part of a grant of $75 million Ohio received after the federal government announced a $25 billion settlement with five banks involved in foreclosure nationwide. This will be the first round of demolition for the county.

"we’re just trying to get the first round set up so we can get start taking care of some of these bad houses," said Mayor Tilton.

Mayor Tilton already has a list of homes and he will decide with the county which ones are the worst and need to be demolished. The need for demolition is obvious with some.

"They are a blight and plus we have people trying to live in these homes that have windows knocked out, no power, no gas, no heat, anything and we’re just trying to get them cleaned up," added Mayor Tilton.

Mayor Tilton will continue to work alongside commissioners to get the application done and begin the demolition process.