Nichole Hannahs

Mock Crash Sobers Students

by Nichole Hannahs on May 1, 2012 at 6:10 am

A real life lesson took place in Zanesville — but it was not real… it was a mock accident at Zanesville High School on Tuesday that killed one and injured five others.

The screams real. The emotion genuine. As students looked on they watched their friends, their classmates being pulled from the wreckage of a two vehicle head on collision, loaded onto ambulances, into a Medflight helicopter and one into a hearse, pronounced dead, the victim to a teen drunk driver.

"You don’t like to see scenes like that because it’s a bad thing," said Zanesville Fire Department Assistant Chief Eric Waltemire.

Thankfully, in this real-time scenario no one was actually injured. It was part of a mock crash to show students the dangers of drinking and driving.

"Highschool students think it’s cool to drink and drive or just drink around their friends," said Christina Ford, who played the Grim Reaper. "If they are in a car doing it, they are putting themselves at risk and a whole bunch of other people on the road."

"It’s not just drinking and driving," added SADD Supervisor and Zanesville High School Teacher Darla Wahl. "It’s any decision that affects them or others around them and just to think that they are valuable and important. Their life is worth it."

For students playing witness to the scenario the event was a sobering experience.

"You never know who could be with you or who’s lives are in your hands," said Lacy Waugaman.

"I know a lot of those kids. It was pretty emotional," said ZHS Junior Gavin Supplee. "You really imagine it was real. It was a real scenario and I couldn’t imagine seeing all my friends or any of the kids I go to school with in that situation would be distressing."

And in light of events of the drinking incidents affecting Zanesville High School this year, it’s a hope of a better future.

"I think that the other events that have happened in the past should help. I think this year our school has mature and begun to be a more mature student body," said Supplee.

"If we save a child from going out and making a bad choice it’s all worth it," said Lt. Waltemire.

Over sixty students participate in Students Against Destructive Decisions. Zanesville High School’s Prom is scheduled for Saturday May 5, from 8pm-12am. The theme this year is "Collide with Destiny."