Muskingum County Home to Close

by Kelly Choate on May 17, 2012 at 7:00 am

Tensions are high in Muskingum County following a decision made by the County Home Advisory Committee.

On Thursday the commissioners announced that the County Home will close on July 31st.  Employees and residents gasped in shock as Commissioner Jim Porter read a letter of recommendation for closure.

"We have until October of each year to decide whether we want to continue the levy or roll it back," said Porter.  "We decided to make the announcement early, and the levy will officially roll back as of October 2012."

Porter said full-time employees will get two months pay if they stay until July 31st.  Representatives from the Opportunity Center will meet with County Home staff next week.

"We, the Board, have discussed this numerous times," said Porter.  "Today we devastated 88 employees and their families as well as 73 patients and their families.  We turned their world upside down today."

The County Home is in need of serious repairs including a roof replacement, new windows and ventilation improvements.  Superintendent Mike Moore declined to comment.  After the meeting, Commissioner Steve Strauss said that anyone unable to move out of the County Home will not be thrown out into the streets.  He also said that the commissioners could consider an extension to the July 31st closing date.