New Law: Pit Bulls Are Not “Vicious”

by Jennifer Bullock on May 22, 2012 at 7:14 am

Under a new Ohio law, pit bulls will no longer be labeled as "vicious" dogs…

The current law defines a vicious dog as "one that has seriously hurt or killed a person or another dog", and references pit bulls as such. The measure to remove that reference goes into effect as of Tuesday, May 22.

"With the popularity of pit bulls, and that they’re such a strong breed, and people use them for things that they shouldn’t be using them for, fighting and protecting drug houses and things like that, they get into the wrong hands, and then you see the attacks," says Animal Shelter Executive Director Larry Hostetler.

Now, evidence is required to prove a pit bull is actually vicious. Hostetler said he believes pit bulls are not born with a "vicious gene".

"All animals have the potential to be aggressive if they’re not trained right. So, it’s just like with children. It’s your responsibility to teach them right from wrong, you know… With your animals."

The original measure was signed by Governor John Kasich back in February.