Northpointe Drive To Be Resurfaced

by Jennifer Bullock on May 7, 2012 at 6:54 am

A major road in Muskingum County- that has had its share of problems, including a major slip — will receive a makeover this summer…

The area of Northpointe Drive between Richvale and Powelson roads will be resurfaced. Matt Russell with Muskingum County Engineer’s Office said the project will change daily commutes.

"Traffic will be closed. The roadway will be closed during construction, due to the nature of the work. Then we got to use State Route 60 around… Hopefully, it won’t be anymore than 30 day closure," said Russell.

Grant money will be used to complete the estimated one million dollar project, but Russell said it will be beneficial once completed.

"This will be something that definitely will help the roadway. Of all our county roads, that one has the most traffic on it. So it’s definitely a priority and it will definitely help the traffic, help the traveling public."

The resurfacing is scheduled to begin sometime in June.