ODA says Loose Horses Show Farm Is Not Secure

by Kelly Mills on May 2, 2012 at 10:50 am

The Director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture has sent a letter regarding the conditions on Marian Thompson’s Kopchak Road farm following a WHIZ investigative report.

The letter is regarding 13 calls that have been made to the Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office about loose horses from the farm. Here’s more information about those calls:

The first call was November 7, 2011.  A home owner on Rehl Road reported four horses from Thompson’s farm had come onto his property, destroying some of his property and feeders. The deputy reported he had dispatch attempt to call a farmhand and tried to locate people at the Thompson property twice, but was unable to get into contact with anyone.

Another call was placed to the Sheriff’s Office November 9, 2011 when a home owner on South Rehl Road was advised by another caller that a white horse from Thompson’s farm was loose on his property. The property owner was not at his farm, but wanted deputies advised.

Two calls were placed to the Sheriff’s Office November 10, 2011. A home owner on Quincy Road reported two horses from Thompson’s farm were in his yard, deputies had to call in the farm’s caretaker. The second call was of a horse on the interstate berm, the Ohio State Patrol was already on the scene handling that call.

On November 11, 2011 Doug Davis called deputies to report he saw horses loose at the farm. Deputies were unable to locate horses by the road.

On December 2, 2011 a caller on Pinkerton Road reported three Thompson horses were running down the middle of the road eastbound.

Then on December 21, 2011 the Ohio State Highway Patrol advised the Sheriff’s Office they received a report of a horse loose on Kopchak Road. Upon investigation they found the care taker at the farm left the gate open.

On December 26, 2011, a caller reported a horse was loose near milemarker 152 on the southside of Interstate 70. That call was handled by the State Highway Patrol.

On New Year’s Eve, a caller on Ridge Road informed deputies a horse from the Thompson farm was in his yard. A Thompson farmhand came to the home and put the horse back.

In 2012, on January 3rd the Sheriff’s Office received a call of a horse loose on Interstate 70. That call was also handled by the State Highway Patrol.

On January 5, 2012 three separate callers reported horses loose. One advised a horse was on the Interstate 70 overpass on Kopchak Road. That horse was put away by a deputy and a neighbor. Another caller stated they saw a loose horse near the West Pike/ Rehl Road area. That horse was not a road hazard when a deputy arrived, so they left a message for the farm caretaker the horse was loose. Another deputy responded to a separate call of a horse loose on South Rehl Road. He reported the horse was no longer a road hazard and Thompson could not be reached.

In a letter to Marian Thompson’s Attorney Robert McClelland, The Ohio Department of Agriculture’s Director states, "These escapes confirm what we have feared all along-  that the Thompson farm is not secure and that the public will not be safe from harm."