George Hiotis

Ohio’s Exotic Animal Bill Goes To Governor

by George Hiotis on May 22, 2012 at 6:32 am

Proposed regulations on exotic animals in Ohio are now headed to the Governor for his signature.  Efforts to strengthen the State’s law took on new urgency in October when Terry Thompson released dozens of exotic animals from his Kopchak Road farm in Muskingum County.  The Ohio House passed the measure on an 87-9 vote Tuesday.  And the Senate then agreed to the house’s changes.  Those revisions included lower permit fees and liability insurance requirements than the version that State Senators passed last month.  The measure would ban new ownership of exotic animals, while allowing current owners to keep their pets by obtaining a new state-issued permit by 2014 and adhere to strict new caretaking standards.  Owners would have to post signs alerting people to dangerous animals on the property.  The bill was sponsored by State Senator Troy Balderson and State Representative Brian Hill – both of Zanesville.