OSU Extension Office Submits Budget

by Kelly Choate on May 31, 2012 at 8:48 am

The Muskingum County OSU Extension Office is submitting its 2013 budget request.

On Thursday Extension Educator Mark Mechling discussed the report with the county commissioners.  He said the office utilizes the funding to provide educational programming in agriculture, natural resources and youth development throughout the county.

"Primarily our main budget item is personnel for the extension office budget," said Mechling.  "Other costs also include rent, copier supplies and other items that support the extension office."

Mechling said he’s aware the commissioners have tough choices to make when it comes to budget cuts, but Ohio State is expecting the county to pick up a modest increase in funding.

"We use a lot of volunteers in the extension office," said Mechling.  "We can document at least 30,000 hours of volunteer service.  That includes 4-H advisers, adult volunteers, teen volunteers and master gardeners that provide right back to the extension office."

Mechling emphasized the resources available through the university.