Paying Tribute to Our Troops

by WHIZ Reporter on May 28, 2012 at 6:32 am

People gathered at Greenwood Cemetery to honor our troops.

The memorial ceremony featured Captain Lydia Marillo from Columbus, as well as the Zanesville High School Band.

Master Sergeant Dick Bowers said it’s an emotional time for everyone.

"It really is, every year,I’m thinking this is my 32nd year at it, and every year you get a little teary-eyed, but that’s what it’s about, if you can’t feel any emotion, you really have no business being here," said Bowers.

The event also featured the placing of wreaths, a firing squad, and the playing of taps. Bowers said paying homage to those who paid the ultimate price for freedom makes everyday citizens understand what they sacrificed.

"Having been in the infantry and being in Vietnam, it’s a band of brothers, and there’s actually survivors remorse, it’s not just in the movies, it’s real, and dying for your country is the ultimate sacrifice," added Bowers.

The names of fallen heroes from Muskingum County were recognized during the ceremony.