George Hiotis

Return Of Exotic Animals Undetermined

by George Hiotis on May 2, 2012 at 8:57 am

An Ohio Zoo spokesman says Marion Thompson’s exotic animals are not coming home on Wednesday.  Officials say details are still being worked out for returning the five creatures and no time frame has been set.  Patti Peters of the Columbus Zoo says the facility’s staff spoke Tuesday to Thompson’s veterinarian to begin coordinating the animal’s transfer.  Two leopards, two primates and a bear have been held at the zoo since October under a state issued quarantine order.  That order was lifted Monday.  Peters says the transfer will not happen today (Wednesday) and no date has been set.  She says one of the first hurdles is decided what crates to use.  Thompson’s crates would have to meet federal guidelines.  If the animals were transported in the Zoo’s steel crates, Thompson would need a forklift. There have been some reports Thompson wants to bring the animals back to her Kopchak Road farm in Muskingum County.  But they have not been confirmed.