Scouts Collecting Donations for Summer Camp

by WHIZ Reporter on May 25, 2012 at 6:41 am

Some area Boy Scouts will be getting a lesson in fundraising this weekend.

The Pepsi Corporation is donating trailers for Boy Scouts to raise money to go to various local camps this summer.

Ed Mulholland is the Executive Director of the Muskingum County Boy Scouts said the scouts will be braving the heat to hand out food for donations.

"This coming weekend, there will be 6 trailers around Cambridge, New Lex and the Zanesville area, and Pepsi donated most of the sodas as well. and scouts like this fine scout right here will be giving away hot dogs and and sodas for a donation,"said Mulholland.

Bryce West is one of many Boy Scouts who will be handing out hot dogs and Pepsi products during the upcoming weekend.

Mulholland adds that sending kids to camp can be expensive, so fundraising not only gives children the chance to go to camp, but teaches them the value of a dollar.

"We have pretty low camp rates, relatively speaking. but it’s still an expense, especially in this economy the last few years. Parents have a lot of demands for their wallet, and it’s also a n excellent way for the scouts to pay their own way to get to camp," added Mulholland.

The Boy Scout trailers will be open tomorrow at Timber Run Gardens on the West Pike, Lowe’s home improvement warehouse on Maple Avenue, Riesbeck’s Pick N’ Save in South Zanesville, Tractor Supply Company on Maple Avenue and in Cambridge, and Advance Auto Parts in New Lexington.