St. Thomas Festival Kicks Off Thursday

by Jennifer Bullock on May 30, 2012 at 6:29 am

The school year has come to an end and summer festivities are beginning…

The St. Thomas Festival kicks off tomorrow evening at Bishop Fenwick School on Fifth Street. Festival committee member Kristen Baughman said there will be plenty of things for the whole family to enjoy.

"It’s a yearly tradition. Everybody is pretty familiar with it I think, but we have games for the kids, we have a bounce house, and we’ll have face painting and a photo booth. And then other games, fishpond, that sort of thing," said Baughman.

There will also be a variety of food and free live entertainment each night. Baughman said the community support keeps the festival a success every year.

"A lot of people try to make the point of coming every year, at least one night, if not more. It’s kind of, it’s kind of like old home week. You always see the people you went to high school with and people that you might not see any other time of the year except at the festival."

The festival begins Thursday at 5 pm, and Friday and Saturday from 5 until midnight.