Nichole Hannahs

Students Get Life Lesson

by Nichole Hannahs on May 2, 2012 at 12:28 pm

As many high school students get ready to celebrate prom this weekend there is a great emphasis from law enforcement, school officials and medical personnel to have a safe prom season.

A way of teaching students the dangers of distracted driving is to show them exactly what will happen when a serious accident takes place. A mock accident was held at Tri-Valley High School showing students what could happen when you drink and drive.

Kayln Hanby is a senior at Tri-Valley and played a student who was "killed" during the accident. She said this real life scenario brought the message home.

"You have to be so careful cutting and sawing everything out, all the car windows and everything," explained Hanby. "It was really intense and took forever it seemed like. You think you can pull someone right out, you might hurt them. You might break a car window and crush glass on them."

Adding the realism, Kayln’s own mother took part in the exercise, arriving to the accident scene, not knowing if her child was alive or dead. Her tears very real.

"Even though she’s 18 we’re constantly reminding her please don’t text and drive," said Jennifer Hanby. "We ask her to not even talk on the phone yet and we pray that she would never drink or get in a vehicle with somebody who had been drinking."

Dresden’s police chief warns students to make the right decisions.

"This is an important weekend, they are important people. They have to make important decisions about how this weekend is going to go," said Chief Jeff Garver. "This weekend will go very well if they make good decisions. We just hope for the best."

The mock crash was put on by the National Honor Society and the Tri-Valley School District.