Tips on How to Beat the Heat

by WHIZ Reporter on May 26, 2012 at 1:51 am

With temperatures forecasted to be in the nineties this Memorial Day weekend, local health experts are reminding citizens to keep their cool.

Dr. Vicki Whitacre of the Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department said recognizing the signs of heat stroke is the important thing.

Whitacre reminds people to never leave children or pets in cars– even with the windows cracked.

Whitacre also advises the following to those who will be outdoors this weekend:

Wear loose and light-colored clothing— darker and heavier clothes will absorb and capture more heat.

Drink lots of water— Whitacre said those who exercise in the heat need to drink nearly a quart of water every hour to stay hydrated.

Wear sunscreen— Whitacre said sunburns prevent the body from sweating, and the risk of skin cancer doubles if you’re burned three or more times.

And, check on the elderly— people 65 or older and those with chronic medical conditions are less likely to respond to to changes in temperature.