Nichole Hannahs

Update: on I-70 Semi accidents

by Nichole Hannahs on May 8, 2012 at 1:21 am

State troopers said three tractor trailers crashed and significantly damaged a highway bridge in Guernsey County, blocking westbound traffic near the intersection of two busy interstates.

The collision happened around 11p.m. Monday night on Interstate 70 near Cambridge, just west of where the high links to I-77. Trooper Kyle Shirer said that the crash occurred when one driver hit his brakes, lost control of his truck and jack knifed, blocking the bridge and creating significant damage.

Two more trucks sideswiped each other as they tried to avoid hitting the first.

"The good thing is that these parapet walls on this bridge were scheduled for replacement this summer," said ODOT’s Mark Atkinson. "We’re going to have to do some additional maintenance of traffic items to keep everyone safe, the next few weeks before the project gets underway."

The Ohio Department of Transportation said that the local fire department brought out a truck with a high wattage lighting system allow them to assess damage during the nighttime hours. A spokesperson said it’s the goal to open the road as quickly as possible.

"That’s ODOT’s number one priority. We have a quick clear initiative through ODOT," said Atkinson. "We take great pride in clearing accidents as quick as possible. We know every minute is an inconvenience to the tax payers and that’s what we’re ultimately here to do is provide a safe traveling system for everybody in Ohio."

To ensure the safety of traffic ODOT increased the amount of barrier protecting the damage. The walls of this structure were already set to be replaced this summer.