ZAA Memorial Day Walk Fundraiser

by Jennifer Bullock on May 28, 2012 at 8:12 am

An organization is paying tribute to veterans while helping high school students…

The Zanesville Alumni Association held its first ZAA Memorial Day Walk on Monday. People released balloons as they walked around the school’s track in memory of a veteran.

"We’re charging 10 dollars for a balloon, for the first one, and then if you’re walking for two, then the other one, the next balloon is five dollars. And what this goes for is to the Zanesville Alumni Association to help with scholarships," said Co-Chair Jeff Dittmar.

A ceremony honored the 335 Muskingum County veterans who lost their lives in World War II, the Korean and Vietnam wars, Desert Storm, and Iraq.

"Oh it’s awesome. I mean, it comes from the heart. As you can see, that the people are here and that’s just exactly what they’re doing. I would most definitely hope that it continues, yes."

All proceeds from Monday’s walk will benefit higher education for Zanesville High School seniors.