Zanesville City Schools WIll Offer Free Lunches All Summer

by Erika Brooks on May 29, 2012 at 6:37 am

Zanesville City Schools are once again operating their summer lunch program.

Lunch will be available at no cost each weekday beginning Monday, June 11th, through August 10th. Except Wednesday, July 4th and Thursday, July 5th.

For students and families the need for this program is great.

"I think the kids are hungry, I think with the economy the way it is and families don’t have the jobs that they’ve had before and I think there’s no other out for them," said Vicki Wheeler, Zanesville City Schools Food Service Director.

In order to qualify, students must be on the free reduced lunch program, which Wheeler says eighty percent of students in the school system are, and the only rule is they must eat on site and only children under eighteen may be served.

Families take advantage all summer long.

"Last year we served about 39,000 kids in the summer so we’re hoping to hit about 42,000 this year, that’s our goal," added Wheeler.

There will be special guests at some sites, such as the girl scouts of america offering activities for everyone and Zane State College students serving food.

The locations can be found on Zanesville City Schools website http://www.zanesville.K12.Oh.Us/page/76 , fliers will also be sent home with every student.