Zanesville Fire Has Tips for Safe Grilling

by Erika Brooks on May 25, 2012 at 6:43 am

The Zanesville Fire Department wants grillers to be safe this Memorial Day.

Anthony Shriver from the downtown fire station offered tips for a safe and enjoyable grilling weekend.

"Make sure your grill is in a safe location away from your house, any pets, kids, if its a gas grill make sure there aren’t any leaks. Test the hoses in soapy water, that seems to work the best.. If it’s on an open deck you want to make sure its away from your railing and your house so as not to catch anything on fire. With charcoal make sure it has cooled completely before you put it in the garbage or any container," said Shriver.

Although many will fire up their grills this holiday the department doesn’t expect to see any more runs than normal.

"It just depends, it’s usually business as usual, nothing out of the ordinary," added Shriver.

To prevent a visit from the fire department take extra time to check your grill before starting your barbeque this weekend.