10th Annual Bikerfest Weekend

by WHIZ Reporter on June 6, 2012 at 6:32 am

An area church is preparing for a weekend of service, but it’s not the kind of service you would expect.

The annual "Bikerfest Weekend" kicks off Friday at the Rushing Wind Biker Church on the East Pike.

Pastor Michael McGuire said the concept came from a similar event in Columbus, and bikers from around the area and out of state will come to Zanesville for a weekend of fellowship and charity.

"They come in for a weekend of hearing a good word, good music, and actually support some of the local things that are happening in the Zanesville area concerning the Relay for Life, which we’ll be riding to Saturday," said McGuire.

The weekend festivities include a bike ride from the Salvation Army, local bands and a Sunday morning church service.

The headlining event takes place Sunday with speaker Tony "Mac" McMullen; a former death row inmate who now shares his touching story with people nationwide.

"We’re encouraging the biker community and everyone to come out and listen to what tony has to say, the experiences that he had on death row and pretty incredible man, great testimony for everyone to come and hear," added McGuire.

McGuire expects nearly 1,000 people to come out to the church over the three-day weekend.