Arts Festival Will Get A New Home This Year

by Erika Brooks on June 1, 2012 at 6:39 am

Zanesville’s famous landmark will not play host to the Y-Bridge Arts Festival this year.

On-going construction to the bridge will prevent the festival from being held on it’s namesake. Zane’s Landing Park will be the site of this year’s 4th Annual Festival.

"Although the bridge was unique it did have its limitations, when we were crowded we pretty much corralled the people on the bridge they could walk one way on one side and back down the other way, they couldn’t really mingle with all the artists as much," said Dana Matz, Director of Zanesville Muskingum Chamber of Commerce.

The new location will provide better flow for those coming to enjoy the art. Being right on the Muskingum River will also give those attending an excellent view of the Y-Bridge.

"It’s a proven location, the stars and stripes on the river, the down bikers event, and other things that take place in the park it works so we’re really excited about that," added Matz.

Artists directly involved with the event are happy about the move because of the open area of the park. The Arts Festival will take place on August 3rd and 4th.