Ava Will Walk Fundraiser

by Erika Brooks on June 10, 2012 at 11:48 am

A fundraiser featuring classic cars was held at Eaglesticks Golf Course June 10th to support a local girl.

"Ava Will Walk" works to raise money for treatments for Ava’s spina bifida. Her parents began pursuing non-embryonic stem cell treatments in 2011. Ava’s mom Jessica McColloch says the non-invasive treatments have been proven to give her more sensation and function in her legs.

"This is only using stem cells by IV which are put in through the foot once every five days, then she receives daily therapy," said McCulloch.

They have until June 18th to raise the $18,000 needed for the procedure and the expense of traveling to China for the treatments. McCulloch says right now they still need about $15,000.  

"We’re hoping that this and the extra time we have the donations will keep coming in and they have been lately and so there will be more fundraisers to help pay for the flights and expense for the entire month that we’re there in China, " said McCulloch.

The treatment date is scheduled July 11th through August 9th. McColloch says it is not an instant cure but she has hope that Ava will walk someday without braces.