Council Turns Down Liquor Permit

by Kelly Choate on June 11, 2012 at 9:32 am

Zanesville City Council defeated a resolution that would have approved a liquor permit at the Starfire Express on Pershing Road.

With two members absent from the meeting, council turned down the measure with a five to two vote.  Law Director Scott Hillis advised council that the owner of the business and his attorney had requested to table the discussion for two more weeks.  Councilwoman Connie Norman said she’s happy with the outcome.

"We really didn’t feel that they were going to be bringing any jobs to the business," said Norman.  "We were concerned because the station is in between a school and churches."

The issue brought several residents to the podium.  William Pratt lives on nearby Homewood Avenue.

"We’ve already got enough problems with crime in the area," said Pratt.  "There’s break-ins and shootings.  A lot of my concern was for the kids that are there during school hours with people going in and buying alcohol."

Council members D.J. Dittmar and Ann Gildow were in favor of the permit.