County Receives Less From Development Grant

by Kelly Choate on June 7, 2012 at 6:22 am

Muskingum County has been allocated $189,000 as part of the 2012 Community Development Program Grant.

On Thursday Community Development Director Sheila Samson provided the commissioners with an update on the grant.  She said communities within the county submit applications for potential projects.

"The commissioners review the applications and choose the projects such as street paving, culvert replacement, improvements to a community building and so forth," said Samson.

South Zanesville, Monroe Township and Mount Sterling are areas that will receive financial aid.  Samson said the county has been awarded less money compared to last year’s total.

"It’s a cut compared to the last few years," said Samson.  "A few years ago we had $236,000, so it is a decrease, but it’s a number that we can work with."

Samson said the county still needs to submit an application by the end of the month to explain how it intends to spend the funds.