Courage In Athletics Scholarship Announced

by WHIZ Reporter on June 20, 2012 at 6:30 am

A Nashport man is being recognized for overcoming obstacles both on and off the field.

18-year-old Konnor Fanning was presented Wednesday with a five hundred dollar "Courage in Athletics" scholarship from the Fieldhouse and the WHIZ Media Group.

Fanning has had multiple knee surgeries, and is currently going through physical therapy to regain the full use of his knee.

Fanning said he was surprised to find out his name had been submitted for the scholarship.

"I was very shocked. I really had no clue that my name was even in for it and it was very surprising and I was very grateful to win it," said Fanning.

At the Fieldhouse, Fanning works with both special-needs children and other kids with debilitating injuries, an experience that he said is very rewarding to him.

"Very rewarding, just knowing that you get to help someone each and every day and help them get better at something that they can’t do or that they want to learn how to do and it’s just great," added Fanning.

Fanning will be attending Zane State College in the fall and plans to study criminal justice.