Emergency Management Agency Assessing Storm Damage

by Erika Brooks on June 30, 2012 at 2:41 am

Residents of Muskingum County are feeling the effects from the severe storm Friday night.

Muskingum County Emergency Management Agency Director Bo Keck says the damage from the storm is county wide.

"The main damage is from trees down into power lines and the power outage we have throughout the county," said Keck.

Over 20,000 people are without power. American Electric Power says it will take as long as seven days to restore all power across the state of Ohio. AEP has around 1,400 crews coming in from other states to help.

Keck advises those with electric to stay home, if you are without power stay with someone who does.

Keck says if people are without power and need to get to someplace that’s cool the Salvation Army on Putnam Avenue is open, the Colony Square Mall and the County Library System have also opened their doors for people to cool down.

EMA and the Muskingum Red Cross are working on opening more shelters for those with special needs, "We’re looking into the possibilities of shelters for people with breathing machines and so forth that need electric to keep their oxygen units or their C-PAPS running."

Several of the villages and county water system wells are not working. At this point EMA is working with AEP to get water wells up and running, so they can refill the tanks as needed.

Keck says at this point they are assessing all the needs of the county.

"Our biggest concern is the power. We’re looking to see everything we can do to get the power up and running for the people."