Farmers Reap the Rewards of the Mild Spring

by WHIZ Reporter on June 20, 2012 at 6:29 am

One of the benefits of the unseasonably warm weather for local farmers has been a quicker yield in produce.

While some canceled their weekly trip to the Zanesville Farmers Market because of the heat, others filled the parking lot of the Zanesville-Muskingum County Welcome Center reaping the rewards of the mild spring.

President Mark Barnhart said the reason much of his produce has yielded results several weeks early is because he took advantage of an early growing season.

"Normally I wouldn’t have cucumbers this early, I wouldn’t have pickles, or zucchini. I would have had the beets, but not the tomatoes or the green beans," said Barnhart.

Barnhart and other vendors say the lack of rain has held up some of their crops, although having crops ready to go early doesn’t necessarily mean that the public will be ready to buy them.

"If you have zucchini too early then people won’t buy it. it’s like one day someone turns a switch on and people want zucchini. The week before, you can have it and not sell any and then all of a sudden it flies off the table," added Barnhart.

Barnhart said within the next several weeks, he expects to see sweet corn, which is a top seller for many vendors, as well as peaches, and cantaloupes.