Fire Department Applying for a Grant

by Kelly Choate on June 25, 2012 at 9:05 am

The Zanesville Fire Department is applying for a grant to buy a new pumper truck.

Zanesville City Council passed an emergency ordinance approving an application for the Assistance to Firefighters Grant.  Public Safety Director Fred Buck said the city is trying to replace a 16-year-old truck.

"More reliable equipment is a huge thing with the fire department," said Buck.  "Everytime they go, it’s an emergency, so we want to be able to respond and get there quickly and safely."

Buck said the city would still need to generate $34,500, which is 10% of the estimated $345,000 truck purchase if the grant is approved.  He said the city is writing the grant application in-house.

"They’re trying to establish a grants department in the city of Zanesville, so by doing that, we save the money plus it gives us more matching funds available to do what we need to do," said Buck.

In April City Council rejected an ordinance involving a moral claim for almost $75,000 filed against the city by a grant writer.  Rob Guentter of RFG Associates requested payment for completing a federal grant application to help pay for the purchase of a new ladder truck for the Zanesville Fire Department.  Former Mayor Howard Zwelling signed a contract with Guentter in January 2011, but Mayor Jeff Tilton said Zwelling never asked for Council’s formal approval before signing the contract.