Halliburton Attends Shale Task Force Meeting

by Kelly Choate on June 15, 2012 at 7:22 am

Representatives from Halliburton stopped by the Muskingum County Welcome Center.

Technical Manager Chris Talley said the Shale Task Force meeting was an opportunity for people to ask questions about upcoming drilling projects.

"We broke ground on May 24th," said Talley.  "I was there when the governor came to talk, and so far, there has been a lot of ground clearing and some roadwork.  No actual buildings are there yet."

Talley said that Halliburton has already employed more than 100 Ohioans, and those new hires are training in Pennsylvania.

"When we have a facility of this magnitude coming in, it’s going to be a challenge for everybody to get the skilled labor and put the proper employees in place and trained in the amount of time that we require for them to be able to service the industry," said Talley.

Talley said that Halliburton is planning more events to involve the community.  Muskingum County Commissioner Steve Strauss also participated in the discussion.