Keeping Cool During the Summer Heat

by WHIZ Reporter on June 19, 2012 at 6:31 am

The Muskingum Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross is urging the public to be prepared for the summer heat.

With temperatures expected to be in the 90s this week, the agency is reminding people to take extra precautions to avoid falling victim to the heat and humidity.

Executive Director Marlene Henderson said it’s best to keep a close eye on those who are susceptible to heat-related ailments.

"Any time it gets this hot and the humidity is this high, the elderly people that are ill and very young children and also your pets– be very careful and keep a close eye on them. They shouldn’t be outside for any extended periods of time," said Henderson.

Henderson said in addition to drinking lots of water and wearing loose-fitting, light colored clothing, precautions like monitoring the weather forecast and even taking a first aid course can help keep you cool and could help safe a life.

"Know what a heat stroke is. When someone’s skin tone is very red and very hot and warm to the touch, their body temperature has risen, and if they start to vomit, call 9-1-1 immediately," added Henderson.

According to the Red Cross in recent years excessive heat has caused more deaths than all other weather events including floods.