Kevin Martin Returns Home

by Jed DeMuesy on June 28, 2012 at 7:22 am

Make no mistake, Kevin Martin will never forget his roots. The Zanesville native is set to begin his eighth season in the NBA, plenty of time to cut and run from this city if he chose to do so. Instead, Kevin choosing the path of gratitude: thankful for what this city has provided for him when he could not provide for himself. Obviously, that has all changed now, with just one example of Kevin’s commitment to Zanesville on display this week.

The fourth annual Kevin Martin youth camp taking place at Winland Memorial Gymnasium this week, quite the extensive test for area children. The camp running from nine a.m. to three p.m. every day, Monday through Thursday. Martin was there every morning welcoming campers, a total of 130 kids from this area getting a chance to be apart of the fun and instruction. Camp officals capping the number this season to allow kids to get a better experience. Some familiar faces coaching the teams as well, a whole host of Blue Devil alumni offering their assistance tot he next generation.

Martin was also kind enough to come up to WHIZ to talk about his NBA career, and where his career is going. Click on the video above to hear what one of Zanesville’s finest has to say about his future.