Local Soldier Returns Home From Afghanistan

by WHIZ Reporter on June 6, 2012 at 9:50 am

A Zanesville resident and Army National Guard Captain returned home safely this past weekend from her first overseas deployment.

A year ago, we introduced you to captain Angela Bailey, who served as the commander of the 1484th Transportation Company based out of north Canton, Ohio.

She returned from a tour of duty in the Kandahar region of Afghanistan.

The main mission for Bailey’s Company was to deliver goods to soldiers on the front lines.

"We had a lot of other roles, We were in charge of the humanitarian yard, and that’s where donors sent humanitarian aid in to the local nationals, so we were responsible for that and distributing it accordingly to the places that we thought that they needed it the most," said Bailey.

Before being deployed, Bailey spoke about what it’s like to be a female commanding a mission.

She said all soldiers, not just women, have to put their civilian responsibilities aside and focus on the mission at hand.

"We go through the same classes and schooling that the male solders do and when you’re over there, you really have to put yourself out there as a soldier, you can’t allow yourself to be a mom, you can’t allow yourself to be a wife, you have to be a soldier," added Bailey.

You can hear more of Gabe Ross’ one on one interview with Captain Bailey by clicking on the video link above.