Near Drowning at Dillon Beach

by Kelly Mills on June 27, 2012 at 9:40 am

A scary situation unfolded Wednesday afternoon at Dillon State Park.

Around 5:30, first responders from Falls and Licking Township Fire Departments were called to the beach after a one-year-old boy was pulled from the lake and was not breathing.

"The parents already had CPR administered, they already got the child back. When we got him in the back of the truck, we got a pulse, and the kid was breathing all right," says Cpt. Trevor Starling, Licking Township EMS.

Father Lark Muncy from Christ the King Church in Zanesville was on the beach swimming when he saw the commotion and offered to assist those rendering aide to the child.

"There should’ve been a lifeguard here in my opinion, probably could’ve been avoided. Probably also if there was more parental control. Apparently he had been laying down for about two minutes in the water face down and no one noticed him," says Father Muncy.

The boy was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital, then transferred to Children’s Hospital in Columbus, where hospital officials declined to comment on the child’s condition.