Showers Wash Out Local Band Concert

by WHIZ Reporter on June 17, 2012 at 11:48 am

While Sunday’s wet weather may have been great for area farmers the same couldn’t be said for some area musicians.

The rain washed out a scheduled concert at Zane’s Landing Park by the Zanesville Memorial Concert Band.

Conductor Jeff Roquemoore said concerns on whether or not to go through with the concert hinge not only on the band but the audience as well.

"We have an audience that sits in the open. We have a truck over there that carries our equipment. We haven’t unloaded the equipment yet because the equipiment gets wet and that’s another consideration of what kind of damage that can do," said Roquemoore.

Humorously, Roquemoore said the doomed Sunday concert was water themed, with works from Handel’s, Water Music to selections from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Rockmore said some of the larger concerts the band puts on have rain sites in the event of inclement weather, however tonight’s concert was not one of them.

"This concert we do not have a scheduled rain site, so unfortunately we’re going to have to cancel," Roquemoore added.  "We do have a rain site scheduled for our last concert, August 5th, when we’re going to have James Swearingen– internationally-known composer and conductor to come in. He was rained out last year, and we have a rain site for that at Zanesville High School."

The next scheduled concert will take place in two weeks on July 1st.