Stay Cool At The Pool

by Erika Brooks on June 28, 2012 at 6:38 am

During the hottest day of the year hitting the pool is the best way to beat the heat, but being outside in this dangerous heat can be a health hazard.

The "Y" on Adams Lane provides kids with a chance to cool off on this nearly 100-degree day. But, that’s not the only way to stay cool. Craig Miracle says there are important things to do to avoid a heat illness.

"We’ll get back in and when they get out we re-apply sunscreen, make sure we’re drinking plenty of liquids, try to get them in the shade and just keeping them safe," said Miracle. 

Miracle says the heat has kept some indoors but those that did make it to the pool are being safe while having fun.

Maysville Middle School student Jonah Greiner was attending Science Camp and hit the pool with her friends.

"My favorite part about the pool is being here with my friends, swimming with them and playing with them," said Greiner.

Today’s temperatures reached dangerous levels, during a heat advisory The National Weather Service advises to drink plenty of fluids; stay in an air-conditioned room; stay out of the sun; and check up on relatives and neighbors.