Storm Rips Roof Off Fieldhouse

by Erika Brooks on June 30, 2012 at 3:15 am

Shortly after the storm started Friday night, the Fieldhouse took a big hit.

"We had everyone up in the front lobby area just keeping an eye on what’s going on. In the bigger field you could hear the roof rise up and let down, so that’s kind of what told us something was going on and so shortly after that we came and checked it out and saw a big piece of the roof missing," said employee Eric Flint.

A crew came to assess the damage Friday evening and discovered almost seventy feet of the roof was missing. A large chunk of drywall was ripped out on the inside and rain poured through the hole onto the indoor soccer field.

"Fortunately right now we only have one piece of drywall that has actually come down so that will be something for them to determine if most of that interior roof is salvageable or if that will have to be replaced," said Flint.

Summer camp will continue on Monday but they will have to play elsewhere at the Fieldhouse as the indoor soccer field will be off limits for now.