Ted Strickland Talks Education

by Kim Tewalt on June 13, 2012 at 6:34 am

Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland made a stop in the Y-Bridge City Wednesday. He talked to students and staff at Zane State College about the importance of higher education.

Strickland made his stop in Zanesville, among other cities, as part of the ‘Obama for America’s Southeast Ohio’ tour. Strickland says investing into rural colleges and universities is just one of the key parts to strengthening the United States and middle class citizens.

"Protecting educational opportunities, investing in our infrastructure, building our roads and bridges and highways, and doing all those things which really benefit the common good." said National Campaign Co-Chair Ted Strickland.

Students who attended Zane State say it is a wonderful feeling to have the opportunity to have a degree in hand, with further education possible.

"I’m in debt, I’m probably going to be paying back my student loans, especially when I go on to further my education, but even then, an education is something nobody can ever take away from me. I will always have my associates, I’ll always have my bachelor’s." said 2012 graduate Wade Bishop.

"My career has a shelf life. Basically, I could be a factory worker, and be injured, and not be able to work there. However, there is no limit on my mind, and I’m just bettering myself through education." explained graduate Douglas Robinson.

Strickland says education and educational assistance are key points in President Obama’s re-election campaign. Strickland also discussed healthcare, the economy, and other issues while at Zane State College.