Tour Brings Romney To Newark

by Erika Brooks on June 17, 2012 at 11:51 am

Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney continued his "Every Town Counts" tour with a stop in Newark Sunday afternoon.

The crowd in front of the Licking County Court House cheered while State Representative Jay Hottinger, State Senator Tim Schaffer and Newark Mayor Jeff Hall spoke. But the biggest cheer of all went up when Republican Senator Rob Portman welcomed Romney to the stage, kicking off his speech with a mention of President Obama.

"Last time he was running for president his campaign theme was hope and change, this time he’s hoping to change the subject because American people are not happy," said Romney.

Romney does agree with President Obama that every American deserves a fair shot at an education and jobs but feels Obama isn’t giving them that chance.

"I believe it’s time for a fair shot for the middle class of America and i will give the American people a fair shot for their dreams to be realized and for the future to be bright," said Romney.

Romney says the President has failed at creating jobs and helping out small businesses. He says it’s time to give someone new a chance.

Jim Bachelder of Westerville believes Romney is that someone and that he will help Ohio.

"Well if he stops the spending and gets rid of ObamaCare that’s going to certainly impact Ohio, Ohio businesses, Medicare, costs to the state of Ohio things like that," said Bachelder.

A handful of protestors attempted to interrupt Romney’s speech. Not all were loud and obtrusive, some just want to see things get done by the Government, whether it be under Romney or Obama.

Rebecca Lee of Zanesville was among those who want to see a difference made.

"Our whole group is about money out of politics its not about right and left, republican and democrat its about trying to bring democracy back where people have a say and we just don’t have a say anymore. It’s money in politics people being bought and paid for and the same people that are running the government were running it under Bush that are running it now," said Lee.

Romney announced three things he’s going to do if elected. Take advantage of the country’s oil, gas and coal resources; get rid of ObamaCare; and balance out the federal budget, making American a place people will want to invest in. He is convinced the American people are going to be surprised how great the economy will become. For Alex Walisiak, Romney’s speech means a difference for his future.

"I think he honed in on the balance budget message and i think that’s what we really need right now especially for the future generations," said Walisiak.

Romney finished by saying it’s time to keep America the hope of the Earth by picking up the torch of opportunity and freedom and holding it high for all the world to see.