USA Softball Makes Special Visit to Cambridge

by Jed DeMuesy on June 14, 2012 at 11:55 am

The Summer Olympics are right around the corner. A mere 43 days until opening ceremonies in London, and when the games begin, NBC will have you covered. will live stream every single event, and between the network and cable boradcasts, you’re looking at a grand total of 5,535 hours of coverage. But, try as you might on your iPad, cell phone or rabbit ears, you will not see a single second of softball.

The Olympic sport that was reinstated in 1996– is back on the shelf. And will be until at least 2020. That hasn’t stopped the United States from fielding a team for international competition. This afternoon the team and coaches stopping at Cambridge city park, a quick holdover before heading to Summersville, West Virginia for some exhibition games. While these ladies will not have the ability to wear a gold medal, there’s still a significant amount to play for the next few years.