AEP’s Plans

by Erika Brooks on July 4, 2012 at 12:01 pm

There is a light at the end of the tunnel for those without power, but the news has not changed much from American Electric Power.

AEP is making progress, but is still saying they expect to have 90 percent of their customers restored to power by Sunday July 8th.

They choose the areas they service first by way of damage assessment.

"We’ll go to the place where it appears that the entire circuit has been locked out. That way the first places that we go first is where we can do an hour or two worth of work and get a couple thousand people back on," said Ron Winrod from AEP.

They make sure hospitals are on, emergency services, waste water facilities and water plants are also a top priority.

If the devastation is to the point where there’s a lot of customers without power, AEP puts that very high on the list, such was the case in South Zanesville.

"We heard that South Zanesville was hit pretty heavily by some straight-line wind and there was a lot of damage down there, so it’s important that we get down there and do damage assessment early so we know how many poles we’re going to need, how much tree trimming is involved that type of thing," said Winrod.

AEP has 110 crews working 16 hours a day to repair the system which includes 30 broken poles . Winrod says Zanesville has 17 stations with a total of 45 circuit feeders which suffered major damage. If customers without power have not yet called their provider they should to ensure they are on the list to be turned back on.