Area Kids Enjoy a Dip and a Swim on a Hot Day

by WHIZ Reporter on July 17, 2012 at 6:34 am

The unbearable heat continues to keep staff members of the Muskingum Family Y busy.

The pool on Adams Lane was not as busy as it has been in days past, but that didn’t stop dozens of area children from enjoying a dip and a swim.

Lifeguards say there is never a day where it’s too hot to jump in and relax.

"The hotter it is outside, the more cool it feels in the pool, even thought he pool is not that cold at all. It’s just a trick of the mind," said lifeguard Brandon Davis.

Davis said he sees around one hundred kids from various after school clubs and youth groups at the pool every day.

"Usually earlier in the day it’s the YMCA Day Camp kids and other Latchkeys and stuff like that. we get the occasional families from outside that come in later at night," added Davis.

Davis said the one thing that makes the Y pool a great place to be during hot weather are the cool lifeguards.