ATV Tour Promotes Conservation

by WHIZ Reporter on July 15, 2012 at 11:58 am

Several outdoor enthusiasts hitched up their ATVs for a tour presented by the Muskingum Soil and Water Conservation District.

Participants met at Friendly Hills Grange Camp and Conference Center on Friendly Hills Road and traveled to nine different locations throughout northern Muskingum County.

Information Administrative Assistant Jeanette Weinberg said the idea is to spread the word about conservation.

"People have implemented different conservation practices on their land, so they’re allowing us to go onto their property and see all the conservation practices they’ve put in," said Weinberg.

Stops included a dry hydrant and a wildlife clear cut area where forests are cut down to give native species a chance to re-grow.

The convoy of riders and drivers were lead from site to site by the Muskingum County Sheriff’s Department.

Weinberg hopes those participating will come up with ways to utilize different conservation practices on their own land.

"To learn knowledge, what we can do for them, what we can do to help people on their property and give them some ideas on what they can also do,"

Weinberg said this was the first year that the ATV tour has been offered in Muskingum County.