Commissioners Discuss 2013 County Budget

by WHIZ Reporter on July 12, 2012 at 6:32 am

Thursday afternoon, the Muskingum County Commissioners reviewed and discussed a preliminary budget for next year.

The report shows revenues for the county at $23,000,000, with costs for the county totaling over $29,000,000 for 20-13.
Commissioner Jerry Lavy said this year’s carry over will determine if cuts will need to be made in order to make the budget work.

"The estimated revenue is a lot lower than what the budget is, so we’re hoping for a carryover for this year, and depending what the carryover is, will depend on what size of cut there will be," said Lavy.

Lavy said in order to make ends meet in this year’s budget, the Commissioners had to make a percentage budget cut across the board.

While the dollar figures sound high, Lavy said the money must pay for the numerous expenses incurred by the county.

"It goes for salary, it goes for expenses, it goes for funding of the courts, all of your necessary expenses to run a business that has to be done here and that’s what most of it is," added Lavy.

Lavy said the Commissioners will re-visit the budget at the end of the year to make appropriate cuts.