Coping With the Outage

by Erika Brooks on July 6, 2012 at 6:54 am

The power has been out for a week now but it will take more than that to bring down one local woman and her family.

Becky Shumaker and her grandchildren have taken the power outage in stride. Although temperatures have reached the mid-eighties in her home Shumaker isn’t concerned.

"We’ve actually just been coping with it. Taking each day at a time. Doing the best we can do. Getting ice when we can get ice. If we can’t get ice we try to get somebody who has freezer or ice to get it for us," said Shumaker.

Shumaker and her neighbors have been helping each other cope with the damage. Even rescuing the neighbors dogs when they became trapped by a fallen tree.

Shumaker has continued to run her household smoothly. Her grandchildren have enjoyed washing laundry in the sink and hanging it on the clothes line and every meal has been cooked outside on the grill or the fire. Shumaker has even been able to have enjoy her coffee every morning.

"We’re just laughing, we’re having fun. The kids think this is a big camp out. Well you know what, as long as everybody smiling and everybody’s helping each other we’re good," added Shumaker.